From waste to technical insulation

The solution has been found – rigid PUR foam can now be recycled while maintaining its key properties.

Dan-iso A/S has obtained unique results with the recovery of excess material from production. Dan-iso has developed a constructive production method in which 45 % of the weight of the finished piece consists of reclaimed material. This recyclate is a by-product of the production process. The recyclate contributes to the creation of value instead of leaving the factory as waste. Overall, CO2 emissions and oil consumption are reduced when recyclate is brought back into new products and contributes to more sustainable production.

In the past, the recovery of rigid polyurethane foam in a way that preserves the most important technical characteristics of the material has been associated with major technical challenges. Industrial recycling of PUR has been minimal and the efforts from the industry have previously resulted in products with 2 to 10 % content of recycled material.

Dan-iso’s success in recycling is the result of an intensive development process, where the reduction of residues and new life for waste has been the primary purpose. Dan-iso has worked with two methods in the process. Both methods have produced good results and one of these technologies is now ready to be implemented in the production process and deliver greener insulation. This process allows for the casting products with a high degree of recycled material, while maintaining the same insulation value and keeping the most important material properties from ordinary cast PUR.

Presentation PURrecy [ENG]

Insulation underfloor heating
Insulation of underfloor heating distributors is one of many possible uses for material with a high recyclate content.
There are only visual differences on PUR cast with and without recyclate — The key material properties remain the same
Pipe insulation

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